Who has the hardest forehand?

Who has the hardest forehand?

Rafael Nadal, considered to have the modern forehand with the most topspin. On average, his forehand measured around 3200 RPM, and it’s considered one of the best forehands of all time.

How does Federer look so effortless?

Federer generates most of his power through sublime timing and fluid motion. So it doesn’t strain his body as much. This automatically allows his body to remain relatively relaxed, and it shows.

Who has the best forehand ever?

1. Fernando Gonzalez. Fernando Gonzalez undoubtedly possesses the most vicious forehand in the men’s game.

Who has the best forehand of all time?

1. ROGER FEDERER Some hit the ball more mightily off the forehand side, and others were flashier, but Federer’s forehand is the best I have ever seen. His capacity to station himself inside the baseline and shorten the court for his opponent has surpassed all others.

Who has the best technique in tennis?

1. Roger Federer. Roger Federer is past his prime, but his skill set still reigns supreme. Tennis artistry and tennis skill are not quite the same thing, although it’s difficult to make the distinction in Federer’s case.

Which grip is best in tennis?

The Continental grip is the best tennis racket grip for slice serves and overheads (unless you use an Eastern grip), drop shots, and volleying. Continental grips are great at handling low balls, giving you easy access to pick up shots, and the ability to add sidespin or underspin.

Can you copy Roger Federer’s forehand?

As you observe tennis strokes of top pros in slow motion, in this case Roger Federer’s forehand, your goal is probably to copy his movements so that you’re able to hit a good forehand too. But there’s a catch and because of it most players copy the technique incorrectly. Take a look at the video above…

What makes Federer’s backhand stroke so special?

One of the things that has made it such an amazing stroke over the course of Federer’s career is how beautifully it adapts to different situations and scenarios.

What is Roger Federer’s grip?

Federer uses an Eastern Forehand Grip Federer uses a slightly modified eastern grip, it lies somewhere between the traditional eastern forehand grip and the standard semi-western grip. This grip means Federer can hit through the ball and take the ball on the up; allowing him to step inside the court and dictate play against his opponents.

Does Federer’s forehand movement change with age?

When we account for small losses in Federer’s movement, the reduction in forehand performance is still there to be seen. In all of the images shown blow, the forehands Federer are hitting are virtually identical shots some 4-6 years apart.