Who is Christie Pearce Rampone married?

Who is Christie Pearce Rampone married?

Chris RamponeChristie Pearce / Spouse (m. 2001–2017)

Is Christie Rampone retired?

She played in all three professional women’s soccer leagues — the Women’s United Soccer Association (2001-03), WPS (2009-11) and the National Women’s Soccer League (2013-present). Rampone retired in 2017.

Who was the oldest women’s soccer player?

Lorraine Peel is the world’s oldest female football (soccer) player. She is also an influential personality on TikTok, with 326.3K followers on her grooveynannygranny account. Truly the best of both worlds. At 66, Peel wears her veteran’s stripes well.

Who is the oldest player in the US women’s soccer team?

Carli Lloyd
1. How old is Carli Lloyd? At 39-years-old, Carli Lloyd became the oldest U.S. women’s soccer Olympian ever. Lloyd may be the oldest player on the field, but she’s still a scoring threat, counted on to deliver for the U.S. when it matters most.

How old is rapinoe?

36 years (July 5, 1985)Megan Rapinoe / Age

How old is Carli Lloyd?

39 years (July 16, 1982)Carli Lloyd / Age
But pretty soon, that ritual will be gone and the field will stay empty. Carli Lloyd, at age 39, is retiring and will appear in her final U.S. national team matches this fall. Lloyd walks away as undoubtedly one of the most important players in the history of American soccer.

How old is the youngest Uswnt player?

At 20 years old, Tierna Davidson is the youngest player on the USA’s 2019 World Cup team. A 5’10 center back with a playmaker’s mentality, Davidson glides across the field with a preternatural calm and understanding of the game.

What does Carli Lloyd earn?

Reports suggest that Lloyd’s net worth is approximately 2 million US dollars with her club salary augmented with a number of lucrative sponsorship deals. The two-time FIFA World Cup winner works with a portfolio of brands such as Visa, Heineken, Beats by Dre and Nike.

Who is Rapinoe partner?

Sue Bird (2017–)Megan Rapinoe / Partner

Megan Rapinoe Says She’s “So Proud” of Fiancée Sue Bird For 5th Olympic Gold Medal. The couple have a total of 7 Olympic medals combined.

What is Carli Lloyd’s husband do?

Brian HollinsCarli Lloyd / Husband (m. 2016)

Is Rylie Rampone married to Chris?

Pearce has two daughters with her ex-husband Chris Rampone: Rylie (born 2005) and Reece (born 2010). She and Rampone divorced in 2017. Though married to Chris in 2001, Pearce did not use the name “Rampone” on her jersey until 2004.

When did Christie Rampone change her name?

Retrieved January 3, 2020. Following her marriage to Chris Rampone in the fall of 2001, Christie Pearce became Christie Rampone (although she didn’t change the name on her jersey until 2004). ^ “Rampone adds a special story to U.S. women’s World Cup quest”.

Is Christie Rampone in the Hall of Fame?

Furthermore, the university inducted her into the Monmouth University Hall of Fame in 2007 and honored her 2008 Olympic accomplishments by declaring October 5, 2008 as Christie Rampone Day. After college, Pearce played for Central Jersey Splash and New Jersey Lady Stallions, in 1997 and 1998 respectively, of the W-League .