Who is the best character in GTA 4?

Who is the best character in GTA 4?

#1 – Niko Bellic The main protagonist of GTA 4, Niko Bellic, is an interesting character. Because of his presence, this title is sometimes heralded as the best game in the series. It’s dark, gritty, and a more realistic portrayal of the American dream than other GTA titles.

Is GTA 4 the best GTA game?

Final verdict: GTA IV has better story, better psychics and some nice small features, which makes the game great. However, ( I will probably upset a lot of people by saying this ) for me GTA V is a better game, mainly because of the content, features, missions and brighter atmosphere.

Was GTA 4 a success?

In 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV came at a time when open-world games were a dime a dozen. Though GTA IV found remarkable critical and commercial success, many fans found the game’s more grounded and subdued tone to be somewhat jarring, especially compared to GTA San Andreas’ outlandish, over-the-top campaign.

Was Niko Bellic a good guy?

Niko probably has one of the darkest back-stories of any GTA main character, and while people love him because of his sullen, direct nature – he’s not all that of a good guy once you look at some of the things he does in GTA IV. One popular argument to use when defending Niko is that he does what he has to to get by.

What are fun things to do in GTA 5?

There are dozens of musing things to do in the world of GTA 5.

  • Go Sightseeing. Your camera phone is a nifty tool.
  • Hunting. Trevor can engage in Hunting Missions after encountering Cletus in two Strangers and Freaks Missions .
  • Go to the Movies.
  • Ride the Rides.
  • Become a Real Estate Mogul.
  • Build a Space Docker.
  • Play a Round of Golf.
  • Play Tennis.
  • Play Darts.
  • Why is GTA 5 so fun?

    Variety of content updates. GTA 4 multiplayer had several modes,such as deathmatches,cooperation missions,and freeroam exploration.

  • Heists are fun interactive missions. High-profit crimes require extensive planning on the part of the GTA player.
  • GTA 5 is more popular than GTA 4.
  • There is so much to do in GTA Online.
  • Which is the best one, GTA 4 or GTA 5?

    Niko’s Fate. Niko Bellic became a fan-favorite character when GTA 4 released,but his fate at the end of the story can be pretty uncertain depending on what ending players

  • Johnny Klebitz. One of the other connections to GTA 4 that is present in GTA 5 comes in the form of biker Johnny Klebitz.
  • Packie.
  • Why is GTA 5 still popular?

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