Who left WWE in 2012?

Who left WWE in 2012?

Beth Phoenix
During a time when the women in WWE were known as Divas and their matches were routinely shorter than three minutes, Beth Phoenix was one of the few bright spots. Her obvious love of wrestling, athleticism and power set her apart from most of the roster, so it was a shock when she decided to retire in 2012.

Was Kharma pregnant?

Within the first year of her contract with the company, Kharma revealed that she was pregnant and would need to take a leave of absence. The fans at that time thought that it was a part of a storyline but it was later reported that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Who was released by WWE in 2011?

Other main roster workers released include Todd Grisham, David Hart Smith, Michael Tarver and Vladimir Kozlov. Grisham’s continued his career as a reporter, currently working for the UFC. Smith is currently working for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Who left WWE in 2013?

He turned down a new, five-year deal. Ted DiBiase Jr has cited a desire to be a good father to his newly born son, and some ‘mental health issues’ as the reasons he decided to leave WWE in 2013.

Why did Kharma leave WWE?

The situation with Kharma is that she was in Florida training to return, but got the knock for being out of shape, hard to work with and stubborn about suggestions of how they wanted her to change her character. She had been losing weight.

Is Kharma dead?

Kia Michelle Stevens is an American professional wrestler and actress best known for her time with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name Awesome Kong in the US, and Amazing Kong in Japan….Kharma.

Born September 4, 1977 (44)
Carson, California

Which WWE superstars were released in 2012?

WWE superstars that were released in 2012 – Where are they now? 1 SIGN UP NOW. Want to become a GMS writer? 2 Nikki and Brie Bella – The Bella Twins. Nikki Bella, alongside her twin sister Brie, were both released by the WWE in April 2012, but they were not out for 3 Goldust. 4 Kharma. 5 Maxine. 6 Kelly Kelly.

Who are some WWE stars that have passed away?

Chavo Guerrero Sr. – Dead at 68 Chief Jay Strongbow – Dead at 83 Chris Adams – Dead at 46 Chris Benoit – Dead at 40

Who is the most famous wrestler to die?

Deceased Wrestlers. Adrian Adonis – Dead at 33. Al Green – Dead at 57. Andre the Giant – Dead at 46. Andrew “Test” Martin – Dead at 33. Andy Kaufman – Dead at 35. Angelo Poffo – Dead at 84. Anthony Durante – Dead at 36. Art Barr – Dead at 28.

Why is WWE parading out retired wrestlers on Raw?

WWE’s RAW is approaching its 1000th episode and they have spent the last two months parading out retired wrestlers to celebrate the show’s milestone. The list of available talent has been reduced to the usual suspects (Roddy Piper, DDP, etc), because many of the past superstars who have appeared on RAW, have passed away.