Who owns Punta Mona?

Who owns Punta Mona?

Stephen Brooks
Punta Mona is the actualized dream of Stephen Brooks. Stephen Brooks is a world-renowned ethnobotanist, permaculture designer and educator, and the founder and primary Director of Punta Mona, our home for one week of conscious discovery in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Where did Zac Efron visit in Costa Rica?

Punta Mona
Punta Mona, Limón Province.

How many organic farms are in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica some 9,000 hectares are dedicated to the organic cultivation of approximately 30 different products.

Can I live in Punta Mona?

Living at Punta Mona Though we live in a jungle paradise, learn a lot, and play with incredible plants from all over the world; it’s the amazing personal connections that are the highlight of most people’s experience here.

How much does Punta Mona cost?

The boat is a minimum of $50 per trip, meaning if you are the only one on the boat it is $50, if there are 5 or more it is $10 per person. Please let us know if you will be taking the boat when you book your stay with us. We can schedule a departure from Manzanillo between 9am and 4pm.

How big is Punta Mona?

85 acre
Punta Mona is an 85 acre off the grid, family owned environmental education center, botanical collection, permaculture farm and eco-lodge, dedicated to sustainable ways of living.

How is it working at Punta Mona?

What we’re looking for

  1. Professional kitchen experience.
  2. Commitment to work at least 2 months.
  3. A kind, caring and fun attitude.
  4. Good knife skills and a creative mind.
  5. Be able to accommodate special diets and allergies.
  6. Vegan/vegetarian experience a plus.

What is school like in Costa Rica?

Primary education is compulsory for children ages 6 to 13 and lasts six years. Secondary education is voluntary and lasts five to six years. During a child’s time at secondary school, the first three years are set aside for general education, while the remaining two to three years are for specialized training.

Where was down to earth with Zac Efron filmed?

Efron and his pal Darin explore sustainability cultures and learn about environmental consciousness in different parts of the world. The first season of Down to Earth with Zac Efron was shot in Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Sardinia, Peru, Puerto Rico, England, and Peru. Gullfoss Falls, Iceland.

Is there more commercial farming or subsistence farming in Costa Rica?

Almost 10% of Costa Rica’s land use is devoted to agriculture. 21% of its land is irrigated mainly with surface water. Development and economic growth within the country is due to hastened agricultural-export production. There are also numerous indigenous communities that practice subsistence farming techniques.

What is the average farm size in Costa Rica?

25.9 hectares
The average size of agricultural farms is 25.9 hectares, Guanacaste is the province that has the largest sized farms averaging 54.6 hectares, and Cartago is the one with the lowest average size farms at 9.7 hectares.

What is located on Punta Mona?

Punta Mona is an 85-acre organic off-the-grid, beach front permaculture farm, botanical collection of useful plants, and Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Why choose this 130 acre farm in Costa Rica?

Rising above the Gulf of Nicoya, this 130 acre farmland is perfect for a development that offers the best of unspoiled natural Costa Rica with breathtaking ocean views. More Information…

Where is the best coffee farm in Costa Rica?

This beautiful estate with a charming cabin is located in Sacramento, in the mountains of Heredia, very close to the Barva Volcano, and just an hour away from the city. More Information… This spectacular 15 acre coffee farm is located in Los Angeles Valley, NE of San Ramon, Alajuela in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica.

What kind of real estate listings are available in Costa Rica?

Below you will find a little selection of our unique Costa Rica farm and mountain real estate listing. Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate listings include the most beautiful farming areas and homes for sale in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Why this luxury villa estate in Costa Rica?

This luxury villa estate was built for the enjoyment of the beauty that is Costa Rica. Located along the Costa Ballena, a corridor for wildlife and untouched primary rainforest, the three villas optimize the natural surroundings through their design and function. More Information…