Who owns the Oxo Tower?

Who owns the Oxo Tower?

Liebig Extract of Meat Company
Oxo Tower Wharf was originally built at the end of the 19th century as a power station for Royal Mail. A couple of decades later, it was acquired by the Liebig Extract of Meat Company, makers of Oxo stock.

Why is OXO called OXO?

History. OXO was founded by Sam Farber, an entrepreneur in the housewares industry, and his son, John Farber. Sam Farber chose the name “OXO” as an ambigram that renders the three letters in “OXO” the same regardless of their orientation, either horizontal or vertically.

Can you wear trainers at be at one?

During the week you might get away with it. Weekend you’d probably be turned away. Hope this helps. over a year ago.

Where is Oxo Tower Restaurant in London?

OXO Tower Restaurant in London is just an eight minute walk from Southwark and Waterloo and a ten minute walk from Blackfriars. It’s easy to book a table online for OXO Tower Restaurant using our booking widget.

What is the history of the Oxo Tower?

The OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie opened in September 1996. The OXO Tower Wharf, originally built as a power station for the GPO, has housed many businesses over the years, but most notably was home to the OXO cube in the 1930s.

How many wines are available at Oxo Tower Restaurant?

The extensive wine list, hand-picked by Head Sommelier Diego Muntoni, offers guests a vast choice of over 800 wines, including some that are rarely available in London. An iconic landmark on the South Bank skyline, OXO Tower Restaurant offers contemporary dining from its modern British menu.

Where’s the best bar in London for a cocktail?

The Brasserie offers an extensive menu featuring British dishes, with hints of an Asian twist in places. The OXO Tower’s infamous cocktail bar is widely regarded as one of London’s most perfect spots for a sipping on a beautifully chilled cocktail while watching … Updating list… Decor like Pizza Express…