Who played at Sweetwaters in 1982?

Who played at Sweetwaters in 1982?

The end of the 80s party. The 1982 Sweetwaters, at its new Pukekawa site south of Auckland, was a sell-out despite an early misstep when Meatloaf was announced as headliner. He was quickly replaced by Ultravox, supported by a strong contingent of Australian groups.

When was the last Sweetwaters?

Sweetwaters Music Festival was a series of events held between 1980 and 1999, at venues such as a farm in Ngāruawāhia, then further north on a farm near Pukekawa, and finally at South Auckland, New Zealand.

Who played at Sweetwaters?

Extended Title – Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, INXs, Cold Chisel, The Reels, Flowers, Mi-Sex, Ariel, Blam Blam Blam, Coup d’Etat, Crocodiles, Flight X7, General Public, Gloria Gibson, Gordons, Hammond Gamble Band, Herbs, Jos Hodzelmans, Kim Hart, Limbs Dance Co, Lip Service, Local Heroes, Midge Marsden & Sonny Day Band.

Who played at Sweetwaters 1980?

Elvis Costello
From New Zealand were the likes of Split Enz, Citizen Band, Hello Sailor, and Mi-Sex. International acts such as Renee Geyer, John Martyn, and Elvis Costello and the Attractions were also there.

Who played at Nambassa?

Television (Full Length) – 1979 Performers include a frenzied Split Enz, The Plague (wearing paint), Limbs dancers, a yodelling John Hore-Grenell and prog rockers Schtung.

What year was Sweetwater?

Get More at Sweetwater One part stunning customer service. One part passion. Since 1979, Sweetwater has been committed to giving music makers the ultimate shopping experience.

Where is Nambassa?

New Zealand
Nambassa was a series of hippie-conceived festivals held between 1976 and 1981 on large farms around Waihi and Waikino in New Zealand….

Location(s) Waihi and Waikino in New Zealand
Years active 1976–1981
Attendance 75,000+

Why is Sweetwater called Sweetwater?

Sweetwater Sound When Surack stopped touring with his band he returned to his home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana and converted his Volkswagen Bus into a mobile 4-track recording studio. He later established a recording studio in his home and named it Sweetwater Sound.

What year was Nambassa?

Nambassa was a series of festivals held between 1976 and 1981 on large farms around Waihi and Waikino in New Zealand.

Does Chuck Surack still own Sweetwater?

By 2016, Sweetwater had become the largest online retailer of music instruments and equipment in the U.S. Surack remains Founder and CEO of Sweetwater Sound, Inc..