Who played olives baby in on the buses?

Who played olives baby in on the buses?

Adam Rhodes who played four-year-old Little Arthur was scheduled to appear, however his commitments as an airline pilot prevented him from attending the event.

Who was married to Olive in on the buses?

She also reprised the role of Olive in The Rag Trade (1977–1978) and had roles in two Carry On films, those being Carry On Camping (1969) and Carry On Loving (1970)….

Anna Karen
Occupation Actress
Years active 1959–present
Television On the Buses The Rag Trade EastEnders
Spouse(s) Terry Duggan ​ ​ ( m. 1967; died 2008)​

How old is Anna Karen now?

85 years (September 19, 1936)Anna Karen / Age
Anna Karen, star of On the Buses and EastEnders, has died aged 85 in a house fire in east London. Firefighters were called to the scene on Windsor Road, Ilford shortly after 10.30pm on Tuesday night (22 February).

Is Olive on the buses still alive?

Anna Karen, who played Olive Rudge, is now the only surviving main cast member of the sitcom, which ran for seven series as well as three spin-off films.

What happened Bob Grant?

In despair, Grant made a third and final suicide attempt in 2003. This time he succeeded, dying in his fume-filled car in his garage with a hose attached to the exhaust pipe, and was found dead soon after.

Did Arthur and Olive have a baby?

In the movies, Arthur and Olive had two children. In the first of three On The Buses movies, Olive became pregnant and gave birth to her son Arthur.

Was Bob Grant married?

Kim BenwellBob Grant / Spouse (m. 1971–2003)

How old is Stephen Lewis?

88 years (1926–2015)Stephen Lewis / Age at death

Why did actor Bob Grant commit suicide?

In the 1980s, he suffered from depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health problems, because of a lack of work and his considerable debts. This eventually led to a suicide attempt.

Is Bob Grant still alive?

Deceased (1932–2003)Bob Grant / Living or Deceased

Why did Arthur and Olive divorce?

Michael Robbins (Arthur Rudge) left the series after Season 6 to concentrate on his stage work again. The first episode of the final season is called “Olive’s Divorce”, so Arthur and Olive finally get divorced.

What did Bob Grant died of?

December 31, 2013Bob Grant / Date of death

Do Arthur and Olive have a baby in on the buses?

On the Buses became Britain’s top box office film of 1971. The films were set in a different canon to the series – in the films, Arthur and Olive manage to have a child despite their apparently sexless marriage and Arthur’s ‘operation’ – the exact nature of which was never explicitly revealed.

What happened to olive from holiday on the buses?

The former striptease dancer turned actress returned to her old haunt of Pontins Prestatyn over 40 years on from the release of the spin off movie Holiday on the Buses. But the 81-year-old has truly ditched the Olive persona – the character that became a household name.

What happened to olive in Gooseberry Lane?

It’s six months since Arthur walked out on her so Olive,armed with a list of grievances prepared by Mum and Stan,goes to court and is granted her divorce.With Mum going to stay with Aunt Maud Olive is very much the gooseberry as she accompanies Stan and his girl-friend Sandra to Read all

Are the girls from on the buses still together?

The Girls are back together! L-R Anna Karen (Olive) Carolae Donoghue (Doreen) Brenda Gogan (Bridget) Cynthia Price (Holiday on the Buses Extra) and Annette Long (Betty) Anna Karen (Olive) and Brenda Gogan (Bridget) reunite for the first time since the 1971 On the Buses Spin Off Movie.