Who played on the Trio album?

Who played on the Trio album?

Trio is the first collaborative studio album by singers Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris. It was released on March 2, 1987, by Warner Bros. Records.

How many trio albums are there?

It’s no surprise that when their three voices united to release their debut collaboration, the results were remarkable. The threesome released two albums together, TRIO (1987) and TRIO II (1999), which have combined to sell more than five million copies worldwide and win three Grammy® Awards.

Which song from Madonna’s Like a Prayer album is a duet with Prince?

Love Song
Like A Prayer is the fourth studio album by American singer and musician Madonna, and her first and only to include input by Prince. The album contained Love Song (a duet with Prince), which is his only credited contribution to the album.

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