Who was the female backup singer on the George Jones 50th anniversary?

Who was the female backup singer on the George Jones 50th anniversary?

Tammy Wynette
Years active 1966–1998
Labels Epic MCA Nashville
Associated acts George Jones Georgette Jones David Houston Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton
Website tammywynette.com

Who sings harmony with George Strait?

For 15 years, Jordan has been a background singer in Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band. She has traveled the world, stood on rarified stages and sung in harmony with a man plenty of people consider to be the finest traditional country vocalist alive.

Who played with George Strait?

Throughout the rest of the 1980s, the Ace in the Hole band added several key players, including keyboardist Ronnie Huckaby, Rick McRae, and Benny McArthur on lead guitar and fiddle and Gene Elders on fiddle. All four have played with Strait for more than 30 years.

How much does a backup singer get paid?

The average annual salary for Background Singers is approximately $44,300. The salary range for Background Singers runs from $18,000 to $101,000. Earnings are made on a project-by-project basis.

Who was George Jones backup singer?

Jones was introduced by backup singer Brittany Allyn, who said he had been sick and “knows you’ll understand if you send not 100 percent.” It was evident during the concert that he had lost some power in his voice, as it was hard to hear the vocals at first.

What year was the tribute to George Jones?

Country music legend George Jones, celebrates his 50th anniversary as a recording artist with a little help from his friends on GEORGE JONES, 50 YEARS OF HITS: A SOUNDSTAGE SPECIAL EVENT. The one-hour all-star tribute airs on PBS Thanksgiving night, Thursday, November 25, 2004, 10:00 pm ET.

Who plays steel guitar for George Strait?

Mike Daily
Mike Daily, renowned steel guitar player with George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band sat down with us to describe the band’s first meeting with their soon to be singer George Strait.

Who played steel guitar for George Strait?

Was Whitney Houston a backing singer?

Whitney Houston began singing backup vocals at age 14. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Cissy, who was a backup singer for soul superstars including Solomon Burke, Wilson Pickett, and Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston began her career as a background vocalist. Houston got her start in 1977 when she was 14.

Who is George Strait dating now?

George Strait is currently married to Norma Voss. The couple started dating in 1971 and have been together for around 50 years, 10 months, and 4 days. The American Country Singer was born in Poteet, TX on May 18, 1952. Country singer, producer, and actor who released eighteen consecutive #1 hits and was called “the King of Country” by the

Did Norma Strait ever sing with George Strait?

George and Norma Strait / Nash Country Daily “It will be 41 years this December. Norma and I are so blessed that we found each other 41 years ago and were able to do all of this together, experience this life together, to support each other through everything, good times and bad,” George tells PEOPLE back in 2012.

What is singer George Straits grandfather famous for?

Early Life. George Strait was born on May 18,1952,in Poteet,Texas.

  • Commercial Breakthrough. After years of futile attempts at a record contract,Strait signed a solo contract with MCA Records in 1981.
  • Acting Debut.
  • Later Albums.
  • Awards and Accolades.
  • Personal Life and Wife.
  • Is George Strait a singer?

    George Strait, in full George Harvey Strait, (born May 18, 1952, Poteet, Texas, U.S.), American country music singer, guitarist, and “new traditionalist,” known for reviving interest in the western swing and honky-tonk music of the 1930s and ’40s through his straightforward musical style and his unassuming right-off-the-ranch stage persona.