Who won Project Runway in 2014?

Who won Project Runway in 2014?

Sean Kelly
Project Runway (season 13)

Project Runway
Winner Sean Kelly
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 14

Where is Edmond Newton now?

Edmond Newton was a fan favorite, known for his formal eveningwear looks. He continued his fashion career following his departure from the show and opened a store in Atlanta, GA.

Where is Ashley Nell Tipton now?

Ashley Nell Tipton, Season 14 In November 2017, she released her first line of apparel and eyewear and became a consultant for other plus-size brands. In September 2020, the designer announced that she was pivoting away from fashion and launching her new “Love You” show on YouTube.

Who wins Project Runway 10?

Dmitry SholokhovProject Runway – Season 10 / Winner

When is season 16 of Project Runway?

The eight designers remaining in the competition going into this episode were Coral Castillo, Prajje Oscar Jean-Baptiste, Bones Jones, Kristina Kharlashkina, Shantall Lacayo, Chasity Sereal, Aaron Michael Steach, and Anna Zhou.

What to expect from the upcoming season of ‘Project Runway’?

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season Of ‘Project Runway’ Project Runway Season 19 Release Date, Cast, New Season ‘Project Runway’ Switches Production Companies; The New Season of “Project Runway All Stars” is Here! Amazon Reveals New Details About Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn’s ‘Making the Cut’ and ‘Next in Fashion’ pale next to ‘Project

Who won Project Runway last night?

On Thursday night, viewers of the fashion design series watched as fan-favorite, Geoffry Mac, 42, was named the winner of this season’sProject Runway — beating out fellow finalists Victoria

What is the new season of Project Runway?

Project Runway 2021 Release Date. We expect Project Runaway 2021 to release in Fall 2021,assuming the filming is ongoing at the moment.

  • About The Competition Of Project Runway. Project Runway brings in some of the top fashion designers in the game together.
  • The Judges For Project Runway 2021.