Who wrote a tear and a smile?

Who wrote a tear and a smile?

Kahlil GibranA Tear and a Smile / Author
One of my favorite authors, Kahlil Gibran, wrote a beautiful poem called “A Tear and a Smile.” “A tear to purify my heart and give me understanding of life’s secrets and hidden things,” he wrote.

What is in a smile poem?

Definition of SMILE SMILE is an approach of analyzing a poem using which one can understand how to appreciate poetry concisely, yet effectively. SMILE is a mnemonic for remembering the basic components of a poem that one has to analyze.

What is smile analysis?

Smile analysis is traditionally performed in the frontal, oblique, sagittal dimension, and with time. Ackerman and Ackerman developed a ratio called the smile index (inter commissural width/interlabial gap), to visualize and quantify the frontal smile. The ratio is used for comparing smiles among patients.

Why is a smile is funny thing?

Why is a smile a funny thing? Answer: A smile is a funny thing because it wrinkles up our faces but when it is gone, no one can find its hiding place.

How can one smile make two?

The essential feature of smile is that if one smiles then the other smiles, too, and one smile creates many smiles together. यह कविता एक मुस्कान के बारे में है। एक मुस्कान चेहरे पर छोटी-छोटी झुर्रियां ला देती है। लेकिन यह अपने आप कहाँ चली जाती है कोई नहीं जानता।

What message is the poet trying to give us?

Answer: The message in Charlotte Brontë’s poem “Life” is that we should be hopeful rather than hopeless and optimistic rather than pessimistic. In the first stanza, Brontë lists a series of weather events which are usually perceived as negative and shows why each should in fact be perceived as positive.

What is a high smile line?

A gingival smile line is the dental term used to describe the exposure of the upper gum tissue when smiling naturally. It is also sometimes called gummy smile, high lip line, and full denture smile. These types of smiles are known as low smile lines, while a gingival smile is known as a high smile line.