Why is Ethan Frome a frame story?

Why is Ethan Frome a frame story?

Edith Wharton wrote Ethan Frome as a frame story — meaning that the prologue and epilogue constitute a “frame” around the main story. The frame story takes place nearly twenty years after the events of the main story and is written in first person, revealing the thoughts and feelings of The Narrator.

Why has the narrator settled in Starkfield?

Ethan remained in Starkfield because he had to care for the folks, his mother, father and wife. You just studied 10 terms!

What is Zeena?

Character Analysis Zenobia (Zeena) Frome Wharton describes Zeena’s physical appearance as gaunt, wrinkled, and sallow-faced. She has false teeth and her hair is kept in place with crimping pins. She is asthmatic and “sickly.” She speaks in a plaintive, whiny drawl. Zeena is seven years older than Ethan.

How does Zeena manipulate Ethan?

In order to convey the necessary emotions to Ethan, Zeena manipulates him by hinting at the fact that even though he is late, he still has time to shave. Manipulation can also come from the unlikeliest of people. One of the more innocent characters, Mattie, is also one of the most manipulative characters.

Why did Ethan and Zeena stay in Starkfield?

Why did Ethan and Zeena remain in Starkfield after their marriage? -Zeena liked living in a small town because she felt more important and liked looking down on people. As opposed to her living in a big city where people would look down on her instead. Why does Ethan find it difficult to ask Mr.

What does Ethan want from Mr Hale and why?

Later, in Chapter VIII of Edith Wharton’s novella, Ethan experiences “[C]onfused notions of rebellion.” So, he decides to go to back to the kindhearted Andrew Hale, hoping that Hale can be persuaded to advance him a small sum afterall.

What metaphor does the narrator use to describe winter in Starkfield?

Ethan Frome study questions

Question Answer
What metaphors does the narrator use to describe winter in Starkfield? White tents/ wild Calvary of March winds/ six months sieged.
How does the narrator finally meet Ethan Frome? He needs a ride because the horses are sick; Ethan begins picking him up on the road.

How does Ethan feel about Zeena?

While she is technically the victim of Ethan’s plans to commit adultery, the reader comes to sympathize much more with Ethan, because he feels imprisoned in his marriage to the sickly and shrewish Zeena.

What does Starkfield suggest about the setting?

What does the name Starkfield suggest about the setting? How does Herman Gow corroborate this later? The name Starkfield suggests that is it barren. Herman Gow corroborates this later by saying , “Most of the smart ones get away.”