Why is my air command not working?

Why is my air command not working?

There are several possible reasons why the Air Command shortcut menu may not display. It can be the result of a physical issue, like damage to your S Pen, or an issue with your phone’s software. You can reboot the phone, perform a software update, or boot in safe mode to solve the problem.

Why is S Pen air actions not working?

If the S Pen still does not work properly, you can try resetting it. Insert the S Pen into your Galaxy phone until it clicks into place. From Settings, search for and select Air actions or S Pen remote. Tap More options (the three vertical dots), and then tap Reset S Pen.

Why is my S Pen not connecting?

Reboot your phone or tablet. Restarting your device can help fix minor issues and may help the S Pen connect again. On devices with a regular Power key, press and hold the Power key until the Power menu is displayed. Tap the Power icon at the top of the screen, and then tap Restart. Tap Restart again.

What is Air Command Samsung?

Air Command is a menu that provides S Pen features and quick access to frequently used apps. To open the Air command panel, detach the S Pen or hover the S Pen over the screen and press the S Pen button. Drag the S pen upwards or downwards on the Air command panel and select a function or app you want.

What is Android Air Command?

Air command gives you access to signature S Pen features. You can access Air command anytime you are using your phone by simply taking out the S Pen. Alternatively, Air command can be activated by simply hovering the S Pen over the screen and then clicking the S Pen button.

Why has my stylus stopped working?

Restart your device So, before embarking on a more technical solution to fix the problem, reboot your phone to see what happens. You can restart many Android devices by long-pressing the Power button for about 10 seconds. Try using the stylus again after your phone reboots to see if it works now.

How do I reconnect my S Pen?

How do I connect the Note9 S Pen via Bluetooth?

  1. Insert the S Pen into the slot to start the connection.
  2. Open the notification panel by sliding down from the top of the device.
  3. Expand the options in the notification panel.
  4. Slide the notification panel to the left.
  5. Tap S Pen remote.
  6. Tap it again to reactivate it.

How do I disable air command?

Go to Settings > Controls. Tap on S Pen. Tap on Air Command. Disable Air Command.