Why was it important to have the most expensive seats at the Globe?

Why was it important to have the most expensive seats at the Globe?

But there were no toilets and the floor they stood on was probably just sand, ash or covered in nutshells. Some visitors complained that the pit smelled of garlic and beer and no good citizen would show his face there. So paying more got the wealthy a seat under cover, and perhaps a cushioned seat.

How were the seating arrangements for the audience how did a person get a good seat?

How were the seating arrangements for the audience? How did one get a good seat? The only way to get a good seat was to be the first ones at the play, if they were the first, they would be the first served. The audience would pelt the actors with oranges or anything hand and they would hiss or shout.

What does a Theatre smell like?

No matter where you go, the movie theaters tend to smell the same: like popcorn, and the butter-like stuff they put on the popcorn, and that stale odor of recycled air-conditioned air. A horror film, for instance, will have a different chemical imprint than a comedy, which will leave a different mark than a tearjerker.

What did it smell like in the Globe Theatre?

The Globe Theatre could fit up to 3000 people in the audience. One of the things that would strike us now about the Elizabethan theatre would be the smell. The smell includes the smell of crowds, their sweaty bodies and stinking breath. These were mixed with the smells of food and drink and the smoke from tobacco.

What made a playhouse like the Globe different from an indoor theater?

Large open playhouses like the Globe are marvelous in the right weather, but indoor theaters can operate year-round, out of the sun, wind, and rain. They also offer a more intimate setting with the use of artificial light.

How many owners of the original Globe theater were there list their names?


What food was sold at the Globe Theatre?

The food eaten daily by the average Lower Class Elizabethan consisted of at least ½ lb. bread, 1 pint of beer, 1 pint of porridge, and 1/4 lb of meat. The different types of Globe Theatre Food which was available was as follows: Shell fish also featured in theatre food and included crab, oysters, mussels and cockles.

How much did a seat cost at the Globe Theatre?

Or for a penny or so more, you could sit more comfortably on a cushion. The most expensive seats would have been in the ‘Lord’s Rooms’. Admission to the indoor theatres started at 6 pence. One penny was only the price of a loaf of bread.

Why is the Globe theater called The Globe?

By May 1599, the new theatre was ready to be opened. Burbage named it the Globe after the figure of Hercules carrying the globe on his back – for in like manner the actors carried the Globe’s framework on their backs across the Thames.

Where did the poor stand at the Theatre?

The Seating at The Globe Theatre The Globe theatre had a central area where there was no cover. This is where the poor people used to watch the plays. They were called the groundlings. They would stand in this area with no protection so when it rained and snowed they got very cold and wet.

Why does the Globe Theatre have no roof?

This roof was probably gabled, with a platform or balcony from which a musician or actor could announce the start of the play. The practical reason for leaving part of the Globe uncovered was that, lacking electricity, actors and audiences needed daylight to see by.

How many people could the globe accommodate?


Why is the Globe Theatre famous?

The Globe is known because of William Shakespeare’s (1564–1616) involvement in it. Plays at the Globe, then outside of London proper, drew good crowds, and the Lord Chamberlain’s Men also gave numerous command performances at court for King James. …

Does the Globe Theater have a roof?

OVERVIEW. Shakespeare called his theatre a ‘wooden O’ and like his historic playhouse our Globe Theatre is a 360° auditorium. With no roof over the central yard, the theatre is open-air and audiences who attend performances and tours are told to dress for the weather!

How did they make sound effects in the Globe Theatre?

Fireworks were used to imitate the sounds of the battlefield. Unusual sound effects could be made from ‘Hell’ including different sounds using various musical instruments such as the trumpet, chimes, bells or drums.

Did Romeo and Juliet exist?

Did Romeo and Juliet really exist? The popular tradition says yes, but the Veronese chronicles of XIII century do not report any historical evidence of the sad story, which according to the literary sources took place in Verona in 1302, under the rule of Bartolomeo della Scala.18

What was the first theater called?

Theatre of Dionysus