Can you take a virtual tour of Versailles?

Can you take a virtual tour of Versailles?

The Palace of Versailles is offering a virtual reality experience with the application “Experience Versailles”, created with Fondation Orange, which allows visitors to relive the visit by the Ambassador of Siam to the Court of Louis XIV in 1686 and the Yew Ball held by Louis XV.

How much does it cost to rent the palace of Versailles?

Palace of Versailles wedding cost will exceed 100 000 euro with optimal budgets starting at 200 000 euro. The venue rent itself varies from 18 000 euro for the Crusades Rooms to 70 000 euro for the Gallery of Battles or Orangerie.

Can you get married at the palace of Versaille?

Yes, you can get married at the Palace of Versailles. You no longer need to be royalty to get married like a royal – when you choose our luxury wedding planners to plan your celebration at Palace of Versailles, you’ll have an exclusive venue that hosts fewer than three weddings each year.

Were there bathrooms in Versailles?

It’s difficult to believe today when gazing at the gleaming golden palace, but life at Versailles was actually quite dirty. There were no bathrooms as we would know them. Courtiers and royalty used decorative commodes in each room, while commoners simply relieved themselves in the hallways or stairwells.

How was Versailles heated?

Despite being occupied both during the Grand Siècle and the Enlightenment the heating available to the peak of French society was the same as it was for the poorest peasants – and had been since before the middle ages. The only true way of heating a room was by an open fireplace.

What are some interesting facts about the Palace of Versailles?

Versailles is not the world’s largest palace. The Palace of Versailles covers 8,150,265 square meters (87,728,720 square feet),or 2,014 acres.

  • Versailles was the center of power for only 100 years.
  • It is now the museum of the history of France.
  • Royal Opera of Versailles was once the largest in Europe.
  • How much does it cost to visit Versailles?

    How much does it cost to visit Versailles? Admission to the Park and Gardens of Versailles is free for pedestrians but there is a fee for vehicles: €3 for a motorcycle, €6 for a car and €30 for a bus (from 12 seats). Guided tour cost €7 for adult in addition to the admission price. Admission is free for children under 10 years old.

    What is inside the Palace of Versailles?

    – The King’s State Apartments – Hall of Mirrors – The Queen State Apartments – The Gallery of Battles

    How much are Versailles tickets?

    You can opt for the basic Palace of Versailles ticket that costs €18. This ticket gives you access to all the main areas and comes with an audio guide in a choice of 11 languages. However, it could also come with very long waiting times in the queues at the entrance.