How do I find my old HSC results?

How do I find my old HSC results?

Log in to your secure Students Online account with your Student Number and PIN. Go to My Details > Results Services to place your HSC Results Check order.

How do I get my old ATAR results NSW?

Call the Student Inquiry Centre (1300 13 83 23) if you need support in accessing your Students Online account.

What is the highest ATAR in HSC?

Rachel Halliday Shand got the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. “They were really excited, it was such a feeling of elation,” the Ravenswood student said. She said her friends had been telling her she’d get the top rank since she shared her HSC results with them but she “didn’t think it would be that high”.

What is the highest HSC score 2020?

How to Read the HSC Rankings:

School 2020 Ranking High Scores
James Ruse Agricultural High School (Carlingford) 1 708
Baulkham Hills High School 2 800
North Sydney Boys High School (Crows Nest) 3 526
North Sydney Girls High School (Crows Nest) 4 541

How long is your ATAR valid for NSW?

5 years
In most cases your ATAR (Australian Tertiary Academic Rank) or equivalent is only valid for 5 years.

How can I access my old ATAR?

Previous NSW HSC students You can buy a printed or replacement ATAR Advice Notice (with free digital version) from the UAC Shop. Note that the digital version is only available for ATARs received from 2009 onwards.

Who got the highest ATAR 2021?

Rachel Halliday Shand got the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. “They were really excited, it was such a feeling of elation,” the Ravenswood student said.

What is the average HSC ATAR?

As mentioned earlier, the median ATAR in 2021 was 70.40. A middle student will generally have HSC marks that lie between 70 and 80.

What is the average ATAR in Australia?

around 70.00
The average ATAR is usually around 70.00. If every school student went on to achieve an ATAR, the average ATAR would be 50.00. But because some students leave school early and the ones who stay on to receive an ATAR are a smaller, more academically able group, the average ATAR is higher.

When will HSC and ATAR results be released?

HSC : Students will receive their ATARs and HSC results on 20 January 2022 , HSC Results Released from 20 January 2022 Queensland Year 12 ATAR results: 8am – 9am on Friday 17 December 2021 SACE / NTCET: 8.30 am on Monday 13 December 2021 2021 Year 12 results and ATAR release dates – VCE, HSC, QCE, WACE, SACE, NTCET, TCE

When do Year 12 ATAR results come out in 2021?

8am – 9am on Friday 17 December 2021, QCAA publishes final Year 12 ATAR results in student learning accounts on the Student Connect website. Check the key dates for year 12 students in Queensland.

How did the UAC’s ATAR results compare in 2020?

The UAC released some statistics about the results – revealing that despite the ongoing disruption to education during pandemic lockdowns last year, the median ATAR actually rose on 2020, to 70.40. Of the 54,841 students eligible for an ATAR this year, 48 received the top mark of 99.95. Of that elite crew, 14 were female and 34 were male.

What is the ASP ATAR results report?

The AsP ATAR Results report provides information on student ATAR Results across schools in NSW, grouped by cluster. This report is available only to Asset Planners in the Planning and Demography unit. How will this report benefit me?