How much does a white Swiss Shepherd puppy cost?

How much does a white Swiss Shepherd puppy cost?

White Swiss Shepherds are very pricey dogs and are not that easy to find. On average, a purebred White Swiss Shepherd puppy costs up to 1300 dollars.

Are White German Shepherd puppies rare?

An albino German Shepherd is incredibly rare. While several people claim to own albino GSDs, on closer inspection, nearly all are White German Shepherds. An albino of any species or breed lacks any pigmentation, including of the skin, hair, and eyes as well as the blood vessels, resulting in a pinkish tinge.

Where is Bellevue German Shepherds located?

Bellevue German Shepherds 1216 Claire Ave Sacramento, CA Pet Shops – MapQuest.

Are there pure White German Shepherds?

White Shepherds are the direct descendants of the GSD, a purebred developed by a German army captain named Max von Stephanitz. Greif’s white fur is caused by a recessive gene that has always been present in the genetic pool of all German Shepherds.

How much do White German Shepherds sale for?

The white German Shepherd is not as common as the colored variety. Expect to pay upwards of $1400 for a puppy from a breeder – the average being around $1700.

Are white German Shepherds good?

The White German Shepherd, as are all German Shepherds, are known for their loyalty. They are very protective and make excellent guard dogs or watchdogs. They are also extremely loyal and love to be around people, which makes them a great family dog as well as an excellent working dog.

What is the difference between a Swiss shepherd and a white German shepherd?

The difference in appearance between the two breeds is coat color. While the German Shepherd is typically tan and black, all white or all black, the Swiss Shepherd is only white. Classification distinguishes these breeds as well. The Swiss Shepherd is recognized only by the FCI.

Are there pure white German shepherds?

What is a silver German shepherd?

Silver German Shepherds are purebred and are not mixed breed. They differ only in color from other types of GSD and have the same traits, behavior, and health issues. They can only be produced when two recessive silver German Shepherds are bred.