What average do you need for StFX?

What average do you need for StFX?

Aspiring students need to have at least 70% average marks in their previous school or college with 65% in each subject to apply for the university.

How much does it cost to apply to StFX?

Undergraduate Fees (other)

Application fee for admission to undergraduate and B.Ed. programs $40.00
B.Ed. students $300.00
New students $100.00
Transcript of record (each copy) $10.00
NSF cheque fee $20.00

Is StFX a good university?

StFX recently ranked #1 in Canada in teaching students to think critically, helping students gain experience for employment, and #1 where professors know you by name. In fact, StFX has one of the best university reputations when it comes to Canadian employers.

How many credits for a minor StFX?

24 credits
A minor is 24 credits in one subject, beyond any required courses in your program. Your minor would be composed of one of your pairs, plus 12 additional credits in that same subject, for a total of 24 credits.

What is the acceptance rate for Acadia university?

With an acceptance rate of 65%, Acadia is considered one of the best universities in Canada and is recognized for its quality overall.

How much is residence at StFX?

*Please note: Proposed 2021-22 Residence & Meal Plan rates….Rates & Fees.

Single Double
Mount Saint Bernard $7115 n/a
Riley, O’Regan, Governors $8805 $8415
MacIsaac $7010 $5845
Apartments (Somers and Power Halls) $7750 n/a

When can I apply to StFX?

Completed applications include: transcripts, supporting documents and application fee. Please note the deadline to apply to the 4-year BScN program is February 11, 2020, you may write CASPer on or up to that date and submit transcripts by March 2, 2020 for admission consideration. StFX Welcome Days!

Is StFX prestigious?

Francis Xavier University (StFX) is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious universities. The university is a member of the Maple League, a group of top-ranked universities committed to putting undergraduate education first. StFX values community development, social justice and global awareness.

What program is StFX known for?

Classical Studies helps you learn about the world. StFX Computer Science offers a well-rounded education in the science of technology. Explore influence, power, socio-economic well-being and environmental sustainability. StFX’s Earth Sciences program is one of the most research-intensive departments on campus.

How many credits do you need to graduate StFX?

At StFX, the first degree is the baccalaureate degree which takes four years of full-time study to complete. Most four-year degree programs require the completion of 120 credits, normally at 30 credits per year for four years.

How many credits do you need to graduate Mount Allison?

In order to qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete 120 credits. One of the following must be completed: a major + minor (most common) a double or joint major.

What programs is Acadia known for?

Acadia’s four faculties – Arts, Pure and Applied Sciences, Professional Studies, and Theology – offer more than 200 degree combinations in its undergraduate academic programs and graduate programs. Some of our most popular majors are in biology, marketing, English, psychology, environmental studies, and kinesiology.

What are the admission requirements for StFX?

General Admission Requirements. For high school graduates, the minimum requirements include an overall average of 70% in Grade 12, with no marks below 65% in each of the required subjects. Admissions to limited enrolment programs are competitive, thus, minimum grade requirements are subject to change. StFX requires the CASPer test…

What is the intermediate level of EAP @ StFX?

For students accepted with IELTS scores of 5.0 or 5.5 overall (no band below 4.5), this is the intermediate level of EAP @ STFX. In this level, students critically evaluate readings and write academic essays. They develop skills in listening and speaking through lectures, presentations, debates, and discussions.

What IELTS score do I need for EAP @ StFX?

For more information on the EAP program, click here. For students accepted with IELTS scores of 5.0 or 5.5 overall (no band below 4.5), this is the intermediate level of EAP @ STFX. In this level, students critically evaluate readings and write academic essays.

What are the prerequisites for a business management degree?

Prerequisite: BSAD 361. Three credits. This is the capstone course in business and is required of all students. The course takes a strategic approach to integrating concepts from management, marketing, accounting, finance and information systems.