What does the pillow symbolize in Ethan Frome?

What does the pillow symbolize in Ethan Frome?

The cushion that Ethan throws across his study is the only cushion that Zeena ever made for him. Throwing it across the floor symbolizes his growing rejection of Zeena and his desire to run away with Mattie.

How old is Mattie in Ethan Frome?

Mattie is twenty-one years old. At this age, it was normal for a woman to be married with children of her own.

Is Ethan Frome a true story?

Wharton likely based the story of Ethan and Mattie’s sledding experience on an accident that she had heard about in 1904 in Lenox, Massachusetts. Five people total were involved in the real-life accident, four girls and one boy. It is among the few works by Wharton with a rural setting.

What is a classic tragic hero?

TRAGIC HERO CLASSICAL DEFINITION. A tragic hero is a person of noble birth with heroic or potentially heroic qualities. This person is fated by the Gods or by some supernatural force to doom and destruction or at least to great suffering.

How does Zeena’s news about hiring Mattie’s replacement affect Ethan?

1. How does Zeena’s news about hiring Mattie’s replacement affect Ethan? – The news affects Ethan drastically. It rips him out of the fantasy world he was living in and thrusts him to the realization that he can’t live without Mattie and that there time together is running out.

Why did Ethan have to give up going to the village?

It was long past the dinner-hour when the job was done, and Ethan had to give up going to the village because he wanted to lead the injured horse home and wash the cut himself.

How does Ethan feel about his walks home from the dance with Mattie?

Summary and Analysis Chapters 1-2. As Chapter 1 begins, Ethan is going into town to walk Mattie Silver home from a dance at the church. Mattie refuses Eady and as she goes off alone to walk home, Ethan catches up with her. He feels happy by what he perceives as her choice of him over Eady.

How does Ethan know for sure that Mattie loves him?

How does Ethan learn for certain that Mattie loves him? She tells him and talks about running away with him.

What does Ethan regret from the night before?

As he hauls the wood, Ethan regrets that he didn’t kiss Mattie when they were alone together the night before. Ethan’s mind then turns to the relationship between Mattie and Zeena, which has been chilly ever since Mattie came to live in Starkfield, after her father died.

What is Ethan thinking about when he is lying next to Zeena?

Ethan (who didn’t get the money from Andrew Hale) feels guilty about the lie he’d told Zeena, and Zeena tells him they will be saving money on Mattie’s keep.

What is Ethan Fromes tragic flaw?

His concern for others (or maybe his unwillingness to make decisions which might hurt others) proves to be Ethan’s tragic flaw (figuratively speaking). He dreams of schools and society and all the things his hungry mind and heart desire.

Who is the tragic hero in Ethan Frome?

Zenobia Pierce Frome

What is Zeena sick with?

Character Analysis Zenobia (Zeena) Frome She is asthmatic and “sickly.” She speaks in a plaintive, whiny drawl. Zeena is seven years older than Ethan. She married Ethan, at the age of 28 (seven years earlier), after the death of his mother.