What is Chinese Famille Verte porcelain?

What is Chinese Famille Verte porcelain?

famille verte, (French: “green family”) group of Chinese porcelain wares characterized by decoration painted in a colour range that includes yellow, blue, red, purple, and green, the latter sometimes used for the ground. Famille verte ware was made largely during the Kangxi period (1661–1722) of the Qing dynasty.

What is the difference between famille rose and famille verte?

The enamels used in these families are different both in their number and technically, so as the Famille Verte is clear (translucent) and Famille Rose is mixed with white (opaque).

What is Chinese famille noire?

Famille Noire (fr., black family, or black palette) Chinese porcelain refers to those decorated with a black background and complimentary polychrome enamel decoration traditionally including aubergine, white, yellow and green. There was also demand from early Western collectors of Chinese porcelain.

What is Chinese Famille Rose?

famille rose, (French: “rose family”) group of Chinese porcelain wares characterized by decoration painted in opaque overglaze rose colours, chiefly shades of pink and carmine. These colours were known to the Chinese as yangcai (“foreign colours”) because they were first introduced from Europe (about 1685).

What is Chinese famille?

Famille rose (French for “pink family”) is a type of Chinese porcelain introduced in the 18th century and defined by the presence of pink colour overglaze enamel. Although famille rose is named after its pink coloured enamel, the colour may actually range from pale pink to deep ruby.

How do you identify Chinese porcelain marks?

The traditional six-figure configuration of hallmarks is read top to bottom, right to left. In general, the first two characters are reign marks, the second two are emperor marks and the last two direct placement. In the case of four-character marks, the reign marks are usually the ones omitted.

How do you identify a famille rose?

Famille Rose (The Rose Family) is a French term applied to Chinese enamel decorated porcelains first produced in the early 18th century that utilized the newly introduced pink or rose colored enamel along with a palette of enamels in green, blue, aubergine, and yellow.

What is the difference between famille rose and rose medallion?

Rose medallion is one of the most popular types of Chinese porcelain found in traditional Western interior design. Famille rose porcelain refers to the color ‘rose’ or pink. The pink flowers seen on famille rose pieces are actually peonies, not roses.