What month do you repot cymbidium orchids?

What month do you repot cymbidium orchids?

Professional cymbidium growers repot throughout the year (except for mid-winter), but only because they have too many plants to repot at the optimal times, which are October/November and March. What Potting Mix? Various materials have been used in orchid potting mixes over the years.

Do cymbidiums like to be root bound?

They bloom their best when their roots are pot bound, restricting their growth. Gardeners often get concerned when they see the roots mounding out of the pot or poking through the drainage holes. Unlike many other plants, cymbidiums can remain crowded and pot bound for many, many, many years.

What are the best pots for cymbidium orchids?

The best type of pot to use for a cymbidium orchid is a clay pot because water evaporates from clay pots faster. Ryan places the plant in the pot to ensure it is the right size – only go up one size when repotting as cymbidiums bloom best when a little pot bound. Ryan also trims any dead or damaged leaves.

What is the best soil for cymbidium orchid?

Most growers recommend using a combination of fir bark, perlite, peat moss, and other loose organic material for cymbidium orchids. A commercial paphiopedilum orchid mix will usually serve these plants well.

Can I use potting soil for cymbidium orchids?

Cymbidiums are native to Asia and Australia, where they grow as epiphytes without soil. Potting mixes for cymbidiums do not use soil, but rather combinations of loose, well-draining materials that will anchor roots but not keep them too wet. Recipes vary depending on the size of the orchid plant and where you grow it.

How to plant Cymbidium?

Cymbidiums don’t prefer the higher,hotter temperatures of tropical rainforests,and can better withstand the cooler nights. In fact,they love cooler temperatures.

  • above 58ᵒF (14ᵒC),but can still remain alive above 40ᵒF (4ᵒ C) during the night.
  • autumn nights drop to 40ᵒ F (4ᵒ C) again.
  • 75ᵒ to 85ᵒF (23ᵒ to 29ᵒC)
  • 50 to 60ᵒF (10ᵒ to 15ᵒC).
  • How to get your cymbidium orchids to rebloom?

    Generally,a drop of about 10° F (5.6° C) to 20° F (11.2° C) during the night will be sufficient to trigger your orchid to rebloom.

  • Winter Low
  • Summer High
  • How to divide and repot cymbidium orchids?

    Remove the plant from the pot.

  • Take a knife or another strong tool and use it to lever between the bulbs (pictured).
  • Remove most of the leafless,dead-looking or squashy bulbs.
  • Check the roots for damaged,rotted or tangled sections.
  • Choose new pots.
  • Pack some orchid potting mix into the base of the pot.
  • How to pronounce Cymbidium?

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