Who did the Bills lose to in 1992 in the Super Bowl?

Who did the Bills lose to in 1992 in the Super Bowl?

the Dallas Cowboys
The Bills qualified for their third straight Super Bowl appearance, but lost to the Dallas Cowboys 52–17.

What was the shortest football game ever?

On November 3rd, 1996, the Indianapolis Colts, led by Jim Harbaugh and Marshall Faulk, faced off against the San Diego Chargers in Indianapolis. Despite both offenses possessing the ball for over 25 minutes, neither team managed to score more than one touchdown in a quarter.

Has there ever been an NFL game without a punt?

Sept. 13, 1992 They are punters, and for the only time in NFL history, a game is played without either team punting. Wilmsmeyer and Mohr warm up several times, but neither gets the call.

Who was the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 1992?

Jim Kelly

Pos Player GS
QB Jim Kelly* 16
RB Thurman Thomas* 16
WR Don Beebe 8
WR James Lofton 15

Did the Buffalo Bills lose 4 Super Bowls in a row?

As a member of the American Football League (AFL), the Bills won two league championships (1964 and 1965), and, while playing in the NFL (after the merger of the AFL and the NFL in 1970), they appeared in a record four consecutive Super Bowls (1991–94), losing on each occasion.

How many Super Bowls did Buffalo Bills lose?

The club joined the National Football League (NFL) as part of the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. The Bills have the distinction of being the only team to advance to four consecutive Super Bowls between 1990 and 1993, but also the dubious distinction of losing all four of them.

What is the longest football game ever played?

The NFL’s longest game ever, a Divisional playoff matchup between the Dolphins and Chiefs at Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium, was played on Christmas in 1971 and lasted over 80 minutes.

Can a Super Bowl tie?

In an NFL playoff game, additional overtime periods are played, as needed, to determine a winner. This clearly means that regular-season games can end in a tie after one quarter of overtime is played, but the Super Bowl and postseason games cannot.

What is the most called penalty in football?

What Are The Most Common Penalties In NFL Football?

  • Offensive Holding.
  • False Start.
  • Defensive Pass Interference.
  • Defensive Holding.
  • Unnecessary Roughness.

What was the coldest game in NFL history?

“The Ice Bowl” earned its name for a reason, as the 1967 NFL Championship between the Cowboys and the Packers in Green Bay set the undisputed standard as the coldest game on record. According to NFL Communications, the game-time temperature was 13 degrees below zero.

Is Jim Kelly in the Hall of Fame?

Jim Kelly/Hall of Fame induction
Jim Kelly, Class of 2002. Kelly’s Hall of Fame mural. Jim Kelly was enshrined into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Fawcett Stadium was jammed packed with Bills fans for Kelly’s enshrinement.